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Corporate Services

We are increasingly in demand to provide massage services in the work place. Our chair-massage treatment programs improve morale and facilitate a calmer, and more productive work environment.



Chair massage is quick and convenient in any work place, requiring the same space as a regular office chair and is easy to assemble. Workers gain the benefits of massage without removing any clothing and a 15-minute session will leave them feeling rejuvenated and better poised to tackle work.


We focus on the back, neck and shoulders – the muscles that suffer most from sitting for extended periods. Massage boosts blood flow to these muscles, improving oxygen supply. Staff will be less likely to complain of headache and muscle aches and will appreciate your gesture of attending to their health needs.


Corporate massage, performed by more than one therapists if required, is available at any time and at any workplace. Our professional, reliable and highly qualified therapists have experience working with most muscular complaints and ailments.


For more info or to make a booking please contact the Subi clinic on (08) 9382 3969.

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