About Yoga

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Vinyasa Yoga is a movement focused style of yoga that moves from one pose (Asana) or posture to another with graceful flow.


The classes can be either faster or slower paces and the movements usually coincide with the breath. It incorporates stretching, and the class will include breath work (Pranayama), as well as a short meditation (Sarasana).


Typically classes are 50-55 minutes long.

Yin Yoga is ideal for people wanting greater flexibility and mobility, or people carrying injuries. This practice targets deep connective tissue and is deeply relaxing both physically and mentally.


The class is slow paced and generally involves holding poses for three to five minutes. Postures are all supported using props or modifications in order to find each participant’s optimal position. There is a focus on breath work (Pranayama), meditation (Sarasana) and finding stillness in body and mind.


Typical class length is 75 minutes.

 What to bring


  • A small towel

  • Bottle of water

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothes (sports shoes are not required)

  • Please remember to complete our online medical screening form and watched the short video that covers the essential fundamentals applied during each movement. 

  •  Please arrive 5 minutes early ready to commence the class on time.

  • Notify your instructor should you experience any pain, discomfort or neural symptoms during class.    

  • Enjoy!