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Rottnest Port to Pub Swim

Subi Sports Team

Subi Sports and the Dream Team

A very successful day for Subiaco Sports Massage Clinic at the Rottnest Port to Pub Swim. Our team of experienced therapists travelled across to Rottnest on Friday 18th March to set up and prepare for the big event. The team were there to treat swimmers and aid in their recovery after the swim across the channel.

The race began early Saturday morning and just 4 hours and 6 minutes later the first team crossed the finish line. Subiaco Sports Massage Clinic's Dream Team, consisting of Olympic and Champion swimmers, Eamon Sullivan, Jim Piper, Travis Nederpelt, Adam Lucas, Mark Riley and Bobby Jovanovitch won the event! What a great achievement the team should be very proud of their efforts.

Throughout the day individual swimmers and teams, exhausted from the 25 km swim came to shore. Our therapists were ready and waiting to massage and treat the participants! Those who managed to receive a treatment were all very impressed with the Subi crew. Our therapists worked back to back treating and looking after everyone until the very last swimmer crossed the finish line, 10 hours later. They had a absolute blast and enjoyed every moment of it.

All in all it was a very successful day for everyone involved, especially for Port to Pub. The day couldn't have gone ahead without their great organisation and hard work, thank you for all of your effort with the event and congratulations again to all participants it was such an amazing day.

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