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5 Members of Staff at Rio 2016!

Subiaco Sports Massage Clinic is going down in the making for having 5 staff members attend 2016 Olympics in Rio!

Bernd Adolph, Natasha Brock, Jan Martin Parker, Jeremy McClure and Alexandra Hagan are the lucky 5 who are going to Rio. Bernd and Jan Martin are treating as soft-tissue therapists to the Australian Swim Team, Australian Women’s Hockey Team and the Australian Canoeing/Kayak Team. Jeremy has made the Paralympic Swim Team for the 4th time, Alex has made the Women’s Rowing Team and Natasha is a part of the Medical HQ Team!

Everyone at Subi Sports is so proud and happy for everyone and can’t wait till the Games begin!

Jan Martin Parker

Natasha Brock

Alex Hagan

Bernd Adolph

#Olympics #Rio #Australia

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