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Magic hands for Cycle tour to Broome!

Subiaco Sports Massage Clinic was extremely proud to be apart of the Tour X Oz event this year. Jayne Evans, Klaudia Rowna and Gretta Adolph followed a group of eager cyclists as they pedalled their way from Fremantle to Broome over a week in September. The cyclists put in a huge effort which helped raised funds and awareness for the "Black Dog Institute", a not for profit organisation supporting mental illness.

Each day the Subi Sports team drove ahead of the cyclists in preparation for their arrival at the next stop over, to provide them with Remedial Massage and Physiotherapy treatments. The cyclists were very deserving of their treatments and also very appreciative of our therapists being available to them!

“Every time we came into a hotel, riders would converge on the massage therapy team of Gretta, Klaudia and Jayne. They were the most popular people every evening, we were so lucky to have quality services travelling with us, dedicated to ensuring riders were as physically comfortable as possible.” - Tour X Oz

“Can not express how grateful I am to have you girls on this tour…. You massaged and taped us back together, so we could continue each and everyday. Your boss should be honoured to have you girls on his staff..!” - Tanja aka Squeek

“What she said ^^^” – Bruce

“You were amazing! Organised, professional, friendly and kept me on the bike all the way to Broome. Thank you so very much.” - Steve

"Girls you were great! Thank you for taking good care of us, cheers!"- Frankie

Good work to everyone involved in this event, we cant wait for the next one!

For more information visit the link below;

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