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Dear Bernd & Team, Patrik & Andreas, Stacey & Catherine and the rest of the team, A huge thank you Bernd for so successfully running the Sports Massage Clinic and making it possible for all of us (the ones with injuries, and the ones only looking for some recharge) the recovery/healing/relieve expertly delivered with your highly trained, well picked team of therapists. From my personal perspective please pass my high appreciation to Patrik & Andreas for their dedicated work, helping me with all my aches, pain, injuries, and also for their friendship, good sense of humour, their people skill contributing/adding to my healing. The list could go on going back on and off already some 15 years, when I first met Bernd and some of the other therapists long gone by now, always offering me their very best VIP service. Also thank you to the two lovely Office Managers, Stacey and Catherine, for providing the back up, so it can all function, while the boss travels and looks after the elite sports people of the world.

Frantisek (Frank) Ambrus

We hear employees commenting how the massages make them 'feel revived' and 'ready for the rest.


RMT began utilising Subiaco Sports Massage as part of a broader corporate initiative to enhance well-being amongst our staff. This component of the program has been an instant and ongoing success and one RMT staff and management eagerly anticipate. The staff are extremely capable, always friendly and we have no hesitation in recommending this service to any organisation that values their staff.


[Sports massage] helps with my intense rowing training as well as my overall muscle tightness. Thanks!


Thanks for helping me over the years.

Tom Moody - Former Australian Cricketer


I have been (attending the clinic) for approximately 8 months. At the time I was getting headaches 3-4 times a week. My neck, shoulders and back were always tight and giving me pain. I was desperate for some relief. (Therapist) was fantastic; she found and got rid of so many knots in my neck and shoulders that soon my headaches disappeared. I was feeling so much better, my posture even improved. I was taking headache tablets 3-4 times a day and 3-4 days a week. Now I would be lucky to take them once a month. I still see (therapist) once a fortnight and it is the best thing I have ever done for myself and my wellbeing.


The corporate massage is the highlight of our fortnight. You can feel the difference, they are better than any massages we've had in the past. Subiaco Corporate Massage really has the professional touch.


Helps manage my current injury and prevents any further injuries from occurring. Thanks for all the great treatments.

Anne Burrough

It has certainly made working at a desk all week more comfortable!!

David Graham

Helps with the management of office work inducted tennis elbow. Thank you.

Dawnia Chiu

Allows me to keep up my activities and with minimal discomfort, it makes me feel great!

C. Little

Very welcoming, calming and professional. Lovely atmosphere.

A. Miller

By attending the clinic regularly I have been able to maintain my back health. How could you improve your performance? I have only ever had great treatments and results from your clinic 10/10 - Thank you.

Brooke Symonds

I was desperate for some relief. Massage was fantastic; my therapist found and got rid of so many knots in my neck and shoulders that soon my headaches disappeared. I was feeling so much better, my posture even improved. 


Shioto is wonderful!! Always takes into account my current condition. Is always thinking and responding to how I present. A gem practitioner.

Jo-Anne Starkie

We all look forward to Sabrina's visits. It's the highlight of our day. All of the staff have noticed a big difference and are very happy with the service.

Daisy Pool Covers and Rollers

Helps me maintain a high level of performance. Just keep doing what you are doing as it is working!

Sam Thomson

Enhances my sporting performance by fast tracking my injury healing time.

Danielle Stone

I have been visiting Subiaco Sports Massage for my whole career. They have been a huge help for me to perform to my potential and they have helped me be durable over my 14 year professional career.

Jamie Dwyer - Australian Hockey Player (Kookaburras)

Thanks for all the great massages over the years.

Steve Waugh - Former Australian Cricketer

Sports massage has been a regular part of my training week for many years now. I visit the fantastic staff at Subi Sports at least once and week and for some time now it has helped me to stay injury free. Whether it's a flush of my legs, freeing my back up or relieving tension through my neck the staff are always happy to help. Their knowledge, experience and friendly nature means I am happy to book in with anyone and have never been disappointed. There is always availability so I can squeeze a one hour appointment into my busy schedule. I prioritize this as it helps me to train and perform at the top level.

Rach Lynch - Australian Hockey Player (Hockeyroo)


As a corporate customer I highly advocate finding staff incentives that are a two way street, for the staff there is personal satisfaction and enjoyment from a massage not to mention the personal well-being and the ability to being able to deal with minor ailments ...for Daisy Pool Covers we can create a happier and healthier working environment that we spend so much of our waking time in. Subiaco Sports Massage Clinic has been coming to our office for a number of years now, we have seen them help some of us with some workplace niggles, pains and stresses...and everyone looks forward to that day as it's awesome to get a massage.

Daisy Pool Covers - Corporate Massage Client


Subiaco Sports have been extremely helpful recently with the physical side of my racing commitments. With the training I've been doing in Perth and the unique challenges that come with overseas sporting commitments, my visits to the clinic have ensured that I'm in the best physical state for when I travel to and from races in Asia.

Aidan Read 

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Fred for his services and wonderful treatment both my partner and I have received over the last 4 months. We were in Perth on tour with The Lion King and have really appreciated Fred's hard work and constant support helping us get through our season! He was so professional, so knowledgable and really took the time to care for us. 
Symiko de van der Schueren - Lion King Performer


I wanted to take a few minutes to write to you about your therapist David (Korean). I have, for the last 3 months been attending physio twice a week  for a muscle compaction issue around my left hip resulting from a long term back injury. I am an ex international rugby player so the body has taken a bit of a hammering over the years but for the first time in my life, I found myself in acute pain. I couldn’t heel strike without sharp pain in my hip, at its worst I felt like my hip was in a vice. My physio (who has seen me through back injury rehab and I rate highly) was dismissive of my hip pain, stating that the more we got my glutes working the pressure would come off my hip. 3 months later,  the pain had gotten so bad that that I couldn’t sleep and it was genuinely getting me down.  I booked in for a rub randomly thinking it couldn’t hurt!


Then I met David and without a word of exaggeration my hip pain was gone after my first session. He was very focused on the problem I presented him, you could see he was thinking about it throughout the session. He tailored his session used a variety of techniques and  really focused on relieving my pain and increasing my mobility and function. I have had sports massages throughout my sporting career and at both Subiaco Sports Clinics  before but I can honestly say I have never come across someone as focused and tailored as David in his approach.


I cannot speak highly enough of him, I have been to three sessions with David and am now back running, something I haven’t been able to do in a very long time. Needless to say I have booked in standing appointments with David for the next 4 weeks. He really is a gem!

Germaine Healy

Thanks for the SSM team at Rottnest yesterday – was much appreciated by one on my team’s swimmers and even more by the kayaker (whom was very stiff after 7 hrs of paddling without a break). Great idea, and nicely set up, compliments to the group.

With thanks and regards

Steven Ahearn - 2016 Rottnest Port to Pub Swim participant

Subi Sports were very helpful for us, especially on such late notice. We were so thankful to them for being able to provide us with a massage therapist the week before we needed them to service our Tasmanian Magpies in the ANL. Megan and the team were very responsive and clear - thank you!

Sarah Francis

Netball Operations Coordinator


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