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Our journey with Riverdance: A tale of wellness and performance

Subi Sports had the honor of working with the Riverdance team during their performance in Perth on the 3rd and 4th of April at the RAC arena. Riverdance is a traditional Irish dancing show originating in 1994 during the Eurovision Song Contest, which was later expanded into a stage show which now tours the world performing.

Our therapist Lawrence accompanied the team back stage providing remedial massage treatments to the dancers before and during their performance. The team saw great benefits from the massage treatments. Lawrence's expertise in deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, and muscle flushing played an important role in preparing the dancers, allowing them to achieve their peak performance.

The benefits of remedial massage in athletes include prevention care, improved recovery, enhanced flexibility and range of motion, stress relief, reduced muscle tension, improved performance, enhanced circulation and muscle maintenance. It was great to be able to provide these benefit to the dancers, helping to contribute to their amazing performance.


The show was a great success, with a sold out audience and rave reviews. It was a pleasure to work with Riverdance and contribute our remedial massage services to the amazing performance they put on during their time in Perth.


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