About Pilates


                                                                                Pilates works on postural alignment to enhance everyday life.






















Maximum 4 clients per class



Pilates Timetable 

Class Information

Small Pilates Class

These classes have a maximum of four participents in them. Due to the small size of the class the instructor can spend extra time focusing on moving at each individual's level and can spend extra time correcting and improving posture and technique.


Strength & Conditioning group class

These classes are run at the Subiaco Scout Hall, which is next door to our Subiaco clinic. These classes are limited to a maximum of 20 participents. It focuses on strengthening the muscles through pilates and building and improving fitness levels and muscular strength.


Pilates Classes

Pilates Class

Pilates small class


60 Minute Private 1:1 Class


60 Minute Private 2:1 Class

$40.00 per person


10 x Pilates small class


5 x Pilates small class


10 x 1:1 Private class


10 x 2:1 Private class


5 x 1:1 Private class


5x 2:1 Private class


Strength and Conditioning

Casual attendance


5 class pack


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